Christmas Special with Sisterly Style

Celebrating the festive season with Amelia & Elisa of @sisterlystyle,
head to toe in Hemant & Nandita.


The holiday season exudes a warm and fuzzy atmosphere, brimming with joyous celebrations and evenings illuminated by the spirit of togetherness.

We aimed to capture these cherished moments laced with nostalgia, those we hold dear and relish year after year. And so, we collaborated with Sisterly Style for a traditional Christmas celebration at their mother's home.

As Amelia and Elisa set the festive ambiance for this collaboration, we brought the fashionable spirit with vintage-inspired boho glam dresses from the Hemant & Nandita Fall '22 collection.

The drawing room in their mother’s home served as the perfect backdrop to host this magical Christmas evening. The colors, decor, mood and vibrant energy all seamlessly matched their personal style and the significance of the occasion.

The duo elevated the Christmas mood to a dazzling peak, showcasing their beauty in our carefully curated selection of midi and maxi dresses. These outfits featured hand-drawn whimsical floral prints adorned with scattered wildflowers, all immersed in a palette of three exquisite tones - Pink, Lavender Grey, and Moonless Black.

For the sisters, these holiday dresses effortlessly complemented the festive vibe and vividly embodied the charm of the season—just as they had envisioned for the evening.

As they raised a toast to their most favorite time of the year and danced with unhindered charm, their dresses swirled in harmony with the music, twirling to the palpable joy in the air. It was a moment that became etched into our memory—precious and timeless.

And that is the sentiment the sisters resonated on behalf of the brand.

“ We like the fact that it is a brand that creates timeless pieces. It is a feeling, not a trend. Everytime we wear one of Hemant & Nandita’s dresses, we feel super special. ”

It was indeed an extremely special collaboration, one that is to be cherished
for a long time to come.