Coachella Closet '23

In the spirit of Coachella 2023, we teamed up with Ashlee Brock and Taylor Bond, who beautifully embodied the festive carnival vibe with select styles from our Spring '23 collection.

As the desert sun set, ushering in another memorable Coachella weekend, Ashlee and Taylor embraced the carefree essence of the festival!

Drawing inspiration from the endless energy of global music festivals, our collection seamlessly merged the celebratory elegance of HN designs with the bohemian aesthetic synonymous with such gatherings. The outcome was a charming array of breezy silhouettes fashioned from cotton and linen, awash in vibrant hues that sparked joy!

Whether you’re a seasoned Coachella-goer or a newcomer to the magic, our Spring ‘23 collection offers all you need to craft looks that captures the festival's spirit while staying ahead in the style game throughout the festivities.

Against the backdrop of sun-kissed desert landscapes, the girls effortlessly showcased easy boho-glam looks, perfectly complementing halter neck short dresses, lively floral midis, and plunging maxi dresses with their wind-swept hair and cowboy boots.

As the music continues to fuel our hearts and style, our celebration of Coachella doesn't stop here! We brought the festival vibes to life with our ‘Coachella Corner’ in Los Angeles.

We were greeted by sunny skies and an array of floral styles against a whimsically inviting setting. Immersed in the festival atmosphere, we paid homage to this iconic event by crafting a garden oasis infused with its essence.

With pulsating music filling the air, guests swayed to the rhythm while enjoying an exclusive preview of our Spring '23 collection amid a lively yet relaxed ambiance. It was an experience that encapsulated the magic of Coachella and embodied the unique style of Hemant and Nandita.

So go ahead, embrace your inner free spirit, and explore our Coachella-inspired collection, transporting yourself back to those carefree days of dancing under the desert sun.