Labour's Day Blog

As we celebrate Labour Day this year, we are reminded once again of the invaluable contributions of those who form the bedrock of our brand - our master craftsmen, our karigars.

At Hemant and Nandita, we have always upheld the belief that our people are our most cherished asset. It is their dedication, skill, and commitment that breathe life into our designs and elevate them to works of wearable art, bringing unsurpassed joy to the wearer.

From sketch to masterpiece

Saluting the creativity, skill and invaluable contribution of our artisans, for bringing our vision to life.

In every stitch, in every intricate detail, lies the essence of our artisan’s expertise. Their hands, guided by years of experience and a deep love for their craft, transform mere fabric into creations that enchant and inspire. Each garment that bears the mark of our karigars tells a story - a story of tradition, of their love and passion for their craft, and the profound connection between creator and creation.

With every creation, they not only showcase their exceptional talent but also infuse it with a piece of their soul - each style bearing the unique stamp of its creator!

As a brand, we are humbled and offer gratitude to these skilled masters - many of whom have devoted decades to lending their unmatched craft to our brand. Forever smiling, always willing to go the extra mile, infusing each style with their affable energy and enthusiasm, their tireless effort has been the cornerstone of our brand's success.

Through their years of service, they have not only brought our designs to life but have also contributed to the rich tapestry of our brand's legacy.

Just a day in the year does not do justice to what we feel for our craftsmen, however, today is but a reminder to commemorate their excellence, resilience, talent, and above all, humility, grace, and love - all of which are imbued in every garment that goes through their hands.

Here’s to our master craftsmen, the unsung heroes behind the scenes, may their skill continue to inspire us, their artistry continue to amaze us, and their contributions continue to be celebrated - till the end of time!

With heartfelt gratitude and reverence,

Team HN