into the meadow

Step into the sultry with Hemant and Nandita Summer 20 collection. The mellow glamour complements the gentle colors to bring out the artistic creation amidst the vistorian luxury. The designer duo brought back 90s era with audacious silhouettes, puffed sleves and delicate prints to make you winsome as ever. Breathtaking hues of pinks and whites perfectly harmonize with bright neon to create beautiful pieces together with novel flower prints. The collection sets forth tonal embroidery and paisley amalgam with floral prints which enhances the existing beauteous range. Tier voluminous dresses with cotton gauze equals to an impeccable selection for a vivacious smooth summer. Dreamy lace dresses, mini skirts , bright tie dye ensemble makes stunning addition to the season's must have! Hemant and Nandita style is feminine to its core. Shapes and propertions are balanced and graceful; their exemplary craftsmanship does all the taking...

She smelled of sun
and daisies with a hint of river water